I contacted Beth Brownstein to prepare my placenta at the suggestion of my doula, Cindy Lou Burgess.

My original hope was to begin taking the capsules immediately after my delivery to aid in milk production, and as a preventative measure against post partum depression. Unfortunately, I retained a small piece of placental tissue in my uterus after delivery, which had to be removed surgically, so taking the capsules then was not an option. My milk came in fine, and we muscled through the first few months with our capsules stored safely in the freezer. When my daughter was about six months old, our family moved, and my daughter went through a patch of really poor sleep, so I found myself very feeling exhausted, depleted, and on the verge of major depression. I was taking vitamins, but they just didn't seem to be helping. Through my sleep deprived haze, I had a moment of clarity, and started taking my placenta capsules twice a day. Within a week, I felt better than I had since before my pregnancy. I felt stronger, more positive, and more balanced. I continued to take them for another week, then decided to save the rest for the next time I might need them. I can't stress enough how beneficial these incredible capsules are! I'm a born skeptic, so I know that it was more than the power of suggestion. I wish that I had an unlimited supply of them to help me through all of the challenges to come. Beth was so wonderful, too. She made us gorgeous placenta prints, a tincture, and a beautiful preserved heart from my umbilical cord that I have tucked away for my daughter when she's old enough to appreciate it.

Thank you so much, Beth, for giving us a powerful tool to help us weather our changes!

Jenny F